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This is the work for you if you are struggling with fundamental questions of identity and purpose, the impact of trauma, emotional upheaval, mental turmoil, and/or relational dysfunction.

I bring to this work deep integrity, compassion, fortitude, intuition, and over 3 decades of shamanic practice in support of mine and others' journeys of healing, personal mastery, and authenticity.

Areas of Specialization
  • couples
  • families - biological, chosen, and non-traditional
  • sexual assault, domestic violence, trauma recovery
  • traumatic brain injury
  • LGBTQ and sexuality issues
  • chronic and terminal illness
  • spiritual crisis
  • death and dying/grief and loss

Transformational Coaching

This work is for you if you are seeking a deeper sense of fulfillment, purpose, and engagement in your life; if you have the desire to step up to the next level of potential, awareness, authenticity and mastery that is available to you; and/or if you have that intuitive feeling that there is a calling that you are not quite manifesting.