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Courageous Wholeness: Co-creating a Transformational Life

$200 per quarter - includes one weekend intensive and 6 evening study groups each quarter
Payment plans will be considered, if needed.

Learn skills and practices for collaborating with spirit, each other, the more than human world, nature, and your own heart and soul to cultivate a deeply rich, transformational way of life that offers the possibility of a deep sense of belonging, potent agency within yourself and your life, true authentic expression, the re-membering of your soul to expand into Courageous Wholeness.

This is a hybrid (in person in Port Townsend, WA and virtual) on-going course with one weekend intensive per quarter and classes/practice sessions every other Wednesday evening between the intensives to deepen and embody the teachings from the intensives. The first weekend intensive is scheduled for March 12 - 13, 2022.

The practices taught will cover a wide range of approaches from cognitive to kinesthetic, from inner to interpersonal, from spiritual to practical.

  • Learn about the Medicine Wheel as a way of life and path for knowing yourself, healing, growth and connection.
  • Learn methods of cultivating relationship with and actively engaging Helping Spirits in your life and transformational process.
  • Discover how these skills translate to ordinary reality relationships with all of life and learn ways to cultivate community.
  • Learn about the energy body, what it is, its healthy state and skills for how to attune, "listen" to and navigate your own internal landscape.
  • Learn practices that transform and clear the energy body of what is in the way of thriving in life.
  • Learn about creating and utilizing ritual to energize and support growth and transformation.
  • Learn about engaging the natural world as a teacher for how to live vibrantly and to thrive in this life.
  • Opportunity to create your own shamanic tools, drum and rattles and medicine shield, for this work - these will be optional, additional classes that may have an additional tuition.

To register please email me at or call me at 206-949-9391. Please include your email and phone in the message expressing your interest in the course.

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