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My Approach

I employ a holistic approach that bridges the worlds of shamanic healing, contemporary psychotherapy, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™, and transformational life coaching. The blending of these modalities recognizes and works with the unseen energies, the realities and forces existing beyond this consensus reality we manifest and experience (however we each individually perceive these forces), the deep sub-conscious, the physical world experiences and choices influencing our wellbeing and how all of these intereact and intfluence each other within and around us.

I bring to this work deep integrity, compassion, fortitude, intuition, and over 3 decades of shamanic practice in support of mine and others' journeys of healing, personal mastery, and authenticity.

Shamanism accesses wisdom beyond ourselves to guide the journey and engages healing and transformation at energetic, cellular, and spirit levels. Contemporary psychotherapy and life-coaching accesses the wisdom of our mind, body, heart and soul; and engages the healing and transformation on physical, emotional and mental levels. This is a journey that is often unexpected and uncomfortable AND immensely rewarding and expanding.

You will learn skills to establish your relationship with personal helping spirits, connecting you to the amazing array of support available to us all. The healing techniques listed on the shamanic practice page are used as directed by our helping spirits. Shamanic tools and rituals are used to manifest and integrate the often profound and sudden changes in non-ordinary reality energies and healing into ordinary reality.

Supporting that integrative process, we explore systemic patterns and issues troubling or blocking you through the ever increasing understanding of how our minds work; the interconnectedness of our minds to our physical, energetic and emotional bodies; our bodies' and hearts' unique wisdom, especially when our minds lie to us; the crucial expression of our emotional beings; the deep and often insidious influences of our familial and cultural stories; and our relationships with ourselves, our loved ones, our community, our world/universe, and essential life energies. Understanding how you show up in those patterns, you have the opportunity to embrace your power to transform and move toward a healthy, interdependent dance in your relationships. With caring and acceptance we drop into the felt expression of your humanness. You have the opportunity to internally anchor and strengthen your sense of self, allowing for a greater manifestation of your beautiful, authentic soul in the world.  Join me in the ongoing emergence of your unique medicine dance and create potent opportunities for healing and well-being.