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Clinical Supervision

I offer clinical supervision for master's level practicum / internships and for associate level licensed practitioners.
As a supervisor, I focus on inviting, cultivating and supporting the unique and authentic presence and expression of my supervisees within the therapeutic relationship, built on a solid foundation of best practices and integrity as a clinician.  Within the framework of clinical skills, I work to cultivate critical thinking, creativity, pattern recognition, systems awareness, flexibility, and adaptability. In order to build self-as-the-therapist awareness, I engage - somatically, mentally, and emotionally - with counter-transference moments that pull the clinician out of that authentic presence, challenging my supervisees to lean into working the edges where growth as a clinician and as a courageously whole human lives.

I charge $130 per 60 minute supervision session.

My practicum students and interns are paid. You are contracted under the umbrella of Medicine Dance Counseling. Compensation is session fees (at the reduced rate of $35-50 per session) minus a small percentage for the administrative costs and my fee for the supervision sessions. I do not require signing of a non-compete clause and expect my interns to be able to move into their own practice with the clients that want to continue working with them as they become associate level licensed clinicians.

Supervisees who are associate level clinicians, function independently from Medicine Dance Counseling and simply pay for the session fee at the time of service.  I am happy when clinicians choose to share that supervision time with another, as I believe this enriches the process. The different perspectives expand the awareness and skill-building that happens in supervision.   

Reflections from supervisees

“Leslie draws in her clients with her unique, holistic, and spiritual approach. Her work extends beyond her work as a counselor to her supervisees as she cultivates a space for growth, learning, and introspection. As a new counselor, approaching the work in the real world was a daunting idea. However, Leslie shows up with curiosity, intention, and compassion. Being her supervisee is not for the faint of heart, as she does not take her role lightly. Her deep passion for this work makes her a supervisor who extends beyond client consultation, but into the deep inner workings of the delicate developmental stages of counselor identity and exploring what it means to show up in the counseling room, and in the world. If you are looking for someone who sees you, gets curious, challenges you to your utmost potential that you can’t even see yet, and brings your own passion and gifts for this work into the supervising room, then you should choose Leslie, and get ready to get your hands dirty. Being her supervisee has been a true honor as I believe that working with a person with such a natural ability to cultivate space that harnesses the true power human beings have to change is a gift not found in textbooks.” ~ AE

"I really love working with Leslie as a supervisor. Her approach is warm and also inquisitive as to how I'm thinking and viewing the clients treatment and sessions. I feel very supported both ethically and professionally. Leslie never approaches me as a supervisee in a way that i feel unintelligent because I haven't been a clinician for very long. She looks at cases with fresh eyes that really help me to see things from a different angle/perspective.
I also more than anything appreciate the fact that she cares about me as a human in a very challenging career. A career that includes burnout, countertransference and my personal life." ~MB